Friday, February 22, 2008

Fun New Pictures

The first two pictures with the polka dot blankie (thank you Mara) are of Caleb. We have been giving both the boys some tummy time now and Caleb doesn't quite lift his head yet, but he does scrunch up a lot and gets irritated about being on his belly.

Please pray for Caleb as he has been having some issues of which we are unsure of the source. We think his medications are causing some pain (gas pain likely) that wake him up periodically, so the nurse I spoke with told us to skip some doses of the meds to see if it was the culprit. We have done this and so far today he seems to be sleeping more peacefully and is taking more to eat again (he was eating less last night and we were concerned).

Here I got him to sort of smile as he was peeking at me.

Daniel is our smiler of the two for sure. Almost after every feeding he will give a few big smiles for us. Perhaps because he tends to be the bigger eater of the two it is his way of showing his satisfaction?

Here you see Mr. Daniel getting some air time holding his head up. For those of you who don't know, this is a big deal for babies this age to lift their heads, so he is doing good! This was a quick moment that he held it up and I was quick with the camera to catch it!

Josiah handed me the camera and said, "Take picture me...cheese!" He said, "Cheese," again as I took this one to get a sweet little Josiah smile!

Here is a picture of Josiah and Alonna (my friend Melissa's neice). Melissa came over with Alonna the other day and we made cookies and they both sat down at Josiah's little table and I got cute smiles from both of them!

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Lynne Paulus said...

Wow how do you do it with twins and a toddler?! I admire you! The boys are so cute and definately look like twins! Boys, boys, boys....something I'm not used to!