Saturday, February 02, 2008

Jaiden's Birthday Party & Visit from Mara

Today Josiah and I went to a birthday party for my friend Tracie's son Jaiden. (She and I were college roommates.) He turned two today and she had a neat Thomas the Train themed party for all the kids and parents who came.

They have this neat train table (pictured here) with a wooden train set and many different engines and freight cars from the show and Josiah had a grand time playing with it. So much so in fact that he became rather possessive of the engines that he was playing with and as the other little boys tried to drive their trains toward him (or take one of HIS trains) he would say, "No...mine!" Sound like a two year old? Why yes he does! A couple times I stepped in and told him to share and he got a big pouty lip and produced a few tears to show his dismay about the whole situation. Overall though, he did share alright off and on and there weren't any bloody battles between the kids, so I call that a success!

After we came home, my friend Mara called (apparently it was the day for visiting college roommates) and said she was in town and wanted to drop by on her way to visit her family. She got to feed our little Caleb and stayed for a couple of hours to visit. It was nice to see her and catch up and I think she enjoyed seeing the newest additions for the first time and also seeing how much our Josiah has grown. She has Daniel on the left and the O.U.T. Caleb on the right in the picture.


Cassie said...

I know Mara, we went to Chrysalis together 16 years ago.

Anonymous said...

hey! it's hailey! i miss you guys so much! you take great pics! im sick today, it's the same day as my 8th grade retreat. what fun...(not, hehe.) i hope you guys keep having fun! catch ya on msn later!