Saturday, February 09, 2008

Making Cookies

Today I was making cookies to take to a friend's house, and Josiah got to help me. I had made him this little apron at my MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) group a while back and it was the first time he got to use it. I was hoping to eventually print a picture of Josiah's face on material and glue/sew that onto to the pumpkin on the apron. If you can't read it, it says, "My Little Pumpkinhead" and his face would go in the middle of that if I ever found the time to do it.

Incidentally you can pray for this little guy, as he came down with a slight fever and some sort of sinus/coughing thing this morning. He did much better after I gave him some Children's Dimatapp, but has been very lethargic all day compared to his usual active self. He took an exceptionally long nap, which of course was good for him since he is sick. I am hoping once again that the twins will not get this. For the last couple of days though, I have made sure Josiah's hands were washed thoroughly and have tried to make sure he doesn't touch them, so we will see. I am actually able to reason with him more now. I told him not to touch the babies because he was sick and would spread germs and he said, "OK" and left them alone pretty well today! Also with his nap I said, "You need to sleep so you can get better!" and he didn't fight me as much to sleep this time, which was really nice!
I am thankful that the twins are still receiving my antibodies in their food and I am hoping that will protect them from the majority of illnesses they may be exposed to. Our policy here is that we avoid people that are sick or say they are getting sick, but don't live our lives in fear of possible germs from those people that we do choose to come in contact with. We know the Lord is in control and we just use reasonable precautions against getting sick and hope for the best. Thanks for your prayers!

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