Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Fun--1

Since there were of course a LOT of photos for Christmas, I decided to break the posts up a bit for an easier read! These are some pictures from both Christmas Eve and one from Christmas day (the above picture). Naomi just LOVED playing with Great Grandma Walker's boa scarf. She was sporting the "diva" look here with her fabulous smile.

In order to get some last minute presents built (cough cough...easel...cough), I asked Grandma and Grandpa to come over and take the boys out of the house. Great Grandma Walker is in town for the holidays and so she came along too and played with the great grandkids.

On Christmas Eve (after they came back from lunch), we got out some of our old puzzles and were playing with the boys. Daniel noticed here that Great Grandma had an "owie" and was asking her about it. I thought it was a precious shot of them together interacting.

Meanwhile, Grandpa was playing with Caleb and Naomi on the other side of the table with the Toy Story 3 toy that the boys got for their birthday. Naomi is smiling at Momma here.

Naomi's attempting to make a call here apparently. I am sure she has a lot to say and who can go wrong with a pink phone! :)

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