Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Fun-3

Grandma and Grandpa Walker got the boys three costumes for dress-up play. Josiah was an unwilling subject for photography, so I had to be sneaky to get this shot of him in the fireman costume. Later he tried to be a policeman/firefighter by mixing different accesories of the costumes.

Caleb as anticipated was the one who enjoyed the costumes the most. He is giving a mighty, "Yee-Haw," here in the cowboy costume.

This one was so cute on him! He absolutely LOVED the whistle and went around directing traffic around the house and whistling at people. He wore this one the longest by far!

And of course he HAD to be a firefighter at one point too!

It took some coaxing to get Daniel to dress up as it is not his favorite thing to do. Soon after this shot, he said, "I want it off," and proceedd to try and escape the costume by taking his arms out of the sleeves. I had to unbuckle his coat, however, before he could officially escape costume play.

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