Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Fun-4

The boys had a blast playing with their toys and of course there were some squabbels about who would play with what and when, but that is just par for the course! Daniel is playing his first computer game here (this is an AWESOME toy that hooks up to your TV and is WIRELESS and he works the games sitting there with the keyboard in his lab and the little mouse). Caleb is still wearing his policeman costume and Josiah is observing the new computer game.

Josiah and Daddy are building the Lego airport here together. Josiah is getting to the point where he can pretty much follow the instructions and build himself. We let him do that on the small items as the only thing that is hard for him now is to sit for long periods of time and finish the project.

Caleb is playing with his boat that he got here. All the boys will enjoy this toy I am sure. They have lots of Imaginext figurines now and so they will be able to use them all with this and the other things they already have.

Daniel is gleefully enjoying his first computer game. I REALLY like this toy as it has them working with the keyboard and all the letters as well as asking them to spell words by prompting them to type certain letters. This is a really great buy for kids in this age range! It was SO easy to set up too...just a few batteries, hook it to the TV and you are good to go and NO extra outlet needed.

Right away when we took the blankets off the mini-tramp, the twins took to jumping. It has a musicbox on it that is supposed to have 5 different games, but as of yet I can't get the setting right to make the games work properly. There is music that plays, but the actual games are not seeming to work yet. I may be able to adjust the settings to where it will work, but it says that depending on the weight of the child that it may have to be adjusted. Since all the kiddos are of a different weight, this may be a challenge. I do like the fact that it has handlebars though as they are safer when they have something to hold onto and haven't gotten any bright ideas yet to jump off of it I think because of the handlebars in the way. They DO love jumping on it though!

The easel will be something we will use for many years to come I am sure. It has a chalkbaord on one side and a whiteboard on the other. You can see the many bins for art supplies beneath it as well as the places for cups of water for painting. On the top, it has a roll of paper that comes down for painting/coloring/drawing as well. This is a very sturdy easel and I would highly recommend it!

And lastly, we have Daniel pushing Caleb out of the way to play his computer game. I thought this picture was really funny and very characteristic of the day. Learning to share is an ONGOING lesson here at our house and days like this give us opportunities to teach that concept. Merry Christmas to everyone of our friends and family who reads the blog! Hope you had a great one!

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Jee said...

I loved reading about Christmas part I, II, III and IV! It looks like everyone had a really great time and I can't believe how much the kids have grown! Glad to hear that you all had a blessed Christmas!