Friday, December 31, 2010

Naomi Show & Tell--10 month Check-up

I was a little late at scheduling Naomi's 9-month visit, so it ended up being a 10-month visit instead. You can see here if you click on this photo to make it larger that she still only has 2 toofers (as we call them) on the bottom. The doctor said we will likely see the upper two come here soon, but she didn't feel any poking through there at this time.

I took some pictures of her in the little dress that I put her in for her appointment this morning and here she is with her typical happy face playing with her little kitchen that Grandma Walker bought for her.

She makes the funniest expressions and here she is with a nice "ooo" shape to her mouth. She weighed in this time at 17 pounds 9 ounces, which is only a little above the 10th percentile this time (she was nearing the 50th last time). The doctor wasn't super concerned, but gave me some ideas to get some more calories in her, so I will go ahead and do that. She eats a LOT though, so I am thinking she inherited Daddy's fast metabolism OR I have been told by my mom that I was a tiny little thing too at her age (only 17 pounds at a year old). She does LOVE to move and crawls everywhere, so it could be she is just burning the calories!

She dropped off a bit in her length growth too, from the 75th down to a little above the 10th there too. The doctor said it is common to see grow spurts and then lulls in the growing from visit to visit and this didn't bother her at all. You can see her with her serious face on here. I thought this one also accented her beautiful blues too. Her expression here also resembles Josiah years ago when we put a bow on his head for Christmas.

As per the Carpenter clan kiddo usual, she still has a big ol' head! It is 18 1/4 inches around and she is now nearing the 95th percentile in that area. Overall, the doctor was pleased with her progress and just advised to plump this baby up a bit! She loves to eat, so this shouldn't be an issue. We love our sweet little mellow, happy baby girl. She is such a joy! She is definitely living up to her middle name!

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christine said...

I like the pink blanket she's got wrapped round her...very cute.