Saturday, December 18, 2010

Twin Potty Training

Doesn't that post title just make you tired already? It does me! As per our usual way of doing potty training, we do a "crash course" day where we give the kiddos in question some undivided attention to work on this MOST essential life skill. We pump them full of fluids all morning, and keep the potty chairs in the area where messes can be easily cleaned up; in our case, the dining room. We plan lots of fun activities to keep them occupied and then proceed to set a timer and make them at least "try" every time it goes off. For each attempt, they get one M & M and for success they get two M & M's. We also had a chart with some stickers and they could pick a sticker and put it on the chart for success also. This first picture is of them watching a movie on my computer and Daniel is multi-tasking playing his Leapster 2 as well.

When they have an accident, we have them take the underwear to the laundry room and help clean up the mess with a rag to understand that they made the mess. They also have to do all the work (ie: pulling on and off pants, dumping the potty pot into the toilet, washing their hands, etc.) During the morning we had MANY accidents and one of the twins who shall remain nameless blew threw around 10 pairs of underwear in under an hour. I was pretty exhausted in the morning, but thankfully I only had to care for them and Naomi as Josiah was staying with my parents for the weekend. David was available also and he stepped in during some of the more hectic moments of the day.

The twins really enjoyed the undivided attention for sure and after their nap (Mommy took one too!) they were getting it much better than in the morning (THANKFULLY!) We had fun playing with their new toys that G-ma and G-pa got them for their birthday, and I could tell they were really thriving with all the fun we were having together. The week following we have had our ups and downs, but my new method to tackle it has been working well. I make them go in the morning when they wake up and then set the timer for 15 minutes after a meal, then 30 minutes after that, then another 30 minutes and then every 40 minutes until the next meal and then I start over with the 15 minute timer again. They were resistant at first to having me make them go, but now I just motivate them by either taking the toy they were playing with away and promising its return afterward or giving M & M's and that works. With this method, they have had only one or two accidents, and so I think it is going well. I am hoping at some point they will feel the need to go on their own, but until then we will keep on the schedule!

Not to be left out, we have little Viking Naomi here who was determined to check out the potty room as well. She frequently had to be picked up and moved to the other room as Mommy was working with twins in the bathroom.

This is one her faces that is my favorite. So cute!

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