Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Fun-2

Here we see Josiah RUNNING down the hall for Christmas morning! There was a false start earlier when we heard me up, but I had to feed baby first before all the festivities, so Daddy went in and reassured Josiah that we would be starting soon and entertained him until I was finished feeding Naomi girl.

The twins weren't quite as exhuberant, but they were still happy for Christmas morning as well. I actually had to wake them up for Christmas morning though.

Here is Miss Naomi on her first Christmas, smiling in Daddy's arms. He didn't want to be photographed in the early morning hours.

Josiah is opening his first gift, an airport Lego set from Mommy & Daddy. This was soon built later after we cleaned up the living room and prepared a place at the table.

Caleb is looking at his doctor kit from Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter here. Right away, we taught him how to examine some patients (AKA stuffed animals with owies) and he was excited to play doctor!

Daniel is opening his gift (a puzzle) from Grandparents Carpenter here and as usual is giving his winning smile to boot!

Naomi is opening her gift from Grandma and Grandpa Walker, a mini-kitchen. Her eyes just lit up when she saw it. Though of course she had no concept of how to unwrap her gift.

Here she is again with Grandpa Walker opening her gift from Uncle Brent and Aunt Katie. She was very interested in this one too as you can see (shape blocks that go in a little box).

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