Saturday, December 04, 2010

Setting Up the Christmas Tree

How many boys does it take to set up the Christmas tree? It appers to be four. The boys had lots of "ooos" "ahhs" and a few "WOWs" thrown in when we got the tree out and started setting it up. It was great fun to sit on the Christmas tree box and use it as a bridge to the couch and other furniture.

Later, David put on some Christmas music and the boys were dancing around. Here is a good picture of Josiah and Daniel doing their thing!

Caleb's winning smile!!

Daniel making a funny face at me!

Naomi had fun exploring the area too as you can see! We still have a very top heavy tree as the twins think it is great fun to pull the ornaments off and see how many they can destroy. We had bulb lights on the bottom rung this year and Daniel figured out how to pull the lamps off and so we had to get a different string of lights that they couldn't destroy to replace them. :) After a few days though of heading to their rooms every time they touched the tree, I think we finally have it all under control. Baby Naomi has no real interest in pulling up on the tree, so that is great news for me! We shall see about what might happen next year though! Here is a link from last year's Christmas tree fun.

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