Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Baby

This was baby's first Easter Sunday, or at least out in the world that is. He was in Mommy's tummy last year. It is kinda neat to be in the same place this year to see some of the same events happening in our community. (Can you tell I move around a lot?) Last year, we helped out at Bloomsday (see previous post in May 2005) and this year we are planning to walk Bloomsday with our friends Chris, Kim, & their son Colton. I am sure it is going to be quite a challenge for me at least because I am NOT in shape these days. I am trying to exercise here and there, but it hasn't been consistent.

Anyway, for Easter we went over to our friend's house (Cathy & Clark) for Easter dinner. Cathy had also invited her mom and her mom's friend, as well as another gal from her church. It was a wonderful dinner with the traditional Easter ham, hashbrown casserole (yum), green beans, salad, jello salad, rolls, and strawberry pie and sugar cookies for dessert. We were stuffed full of food and it was fun to have such a wide variety of folks to chat with. And of course baby Josiah was a big hit with all the grandparent types in the room! He interjected a few well placed baby noises in our conversations that had everyone laughing. He of course enjoyed when he was the center of attention and gave them some big smiles and laughs.

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