Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fun in the Outdoors

The Carpenter family is going to do Bloomsday this year and so David and I have been taking the baby out for walks to try and train. We haven't really been that serious about our training as our walks may be only around 2.5 miles and Bloomsday is a whoping 7.65, but still at least we are doing somthing, right? We have a really nice place to walk around our house. The whole way is paved and we can take a variety of walks depending on how far we want to go.

So on the walk, David was saying, "Roar" to Josiah from behind and Josiah was responding to him by lifting his hands up like this and saying it back to David.

Just as a fun side note...this morning Josiah was once again attempting to play with the stereo system (I think I have said, "No" to that at least 100 times now) and I told him, "NO" and then sought to distract him and said, "Where is the ball?" We hadn't played with the ball (my old volleyball from years ago)
that morning and I asked him again and then he made a beeline for the ball. So it was fun to see he comprehends that word. I am sure he knows a lot more words of course, but it was neat to see proof that he knows!

We went to the park today after church with our friends Chris, Kim & Colton to have a BBQ. It was pretty cold due to the wind chill, so us gals were sticking it out even though we were freezing. The guys seemed to be fine, including the little guys! Chris was giving Josiah and Colton a pony ride here and they were enjoying it. I posted some pictures from the picnic on snapfish under "Josiah-9 months and beyond" if you want to see more. I haven't sent this album out to many people yet because it didn't have very many photos at first. Just write me an email if you want a link to it.

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Lesley Williams said...

heather!!! hi, its lesley. i am updating my links and i completely forgot about this site. what a great idea. i feel like i am fully caught up on your life! thanks for the postings and the pictures. :) lesley