Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fun in the Outdoors

Since Josiah was born in June of 2005 and was too young to really understand what being outside was all about, it has been fun to introduce him to the outside now that spring is here. We haven't been out much due to the fact that it has been really cold and windy where we live. However, since we came down to South Carolina it has been really warm and nice and so Josiah has been doing some exploring of the outdoors.

Mary (Anna Grace's Mom) and I took a walk with the babies, which was a lot of fun. Then Josiah took a ride on the swing on the Carpenter's back porch. He was a little apprehensive of the swing at first, but then gave some delighted squeals of glee after a few pushes.

Today, we also attended a Kindermusik class with Anna Grace and her Mommy, which was a lot of fun. Josiah liked the drums, balls, and bells the best. All the things he could make noise with! When we played with the scarves, he wasn't interested and kept sweeping them away from his face. He then proceeded to crawl all around the room and found a bin to pull himself up on, which he also tried to open up to snoop and see what was inside. He was also verbalizing a lot during the class, which was pretty cute. He got to interact with lots of little babies his age and it was a really fun time for him I think. Afterwards he was tired and as we call it was "O.U.T. asleep" in his car seat when we got home. I took him upstairs and transferred him to his crib for a nice nap.

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