Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More Grandparent Fun

After our trip to South Carolina, my parents came over to visit for a few days as well. It was my mom's spring break and so they wanted to come and spend some time with their grandson. They flew in on Sunday night and left on Wednesday. Grandma bought Mommy some new clothes (Thanks Mom!) and took her out to eat for her favorite kind of food...Mexican!! David doesn't like Mexican and so I try to go and get some with my friends and/or Mom whenever possible!

We also went to the nursing home one day to visit Great Grandma and also visited with Great Grandpa as well. Great Grandma is getting better (she had a stroke a while back) and is learning to talk, walk, read, etc. again, but it may take a while to gain full function again in those areas. She is trying though, so that is good. It is frustrating for her, but we are thankful she hasn't just given up. She loves to see the baby and was SO surprised to see not only me and the baby, but my parents as well when we came. Great Grandpa hadn't told her we were coming and so we got to see her clasp her hands in delight when we came. It was her birthday on the 14th, but we celebrated it two days early with some cupcakes there at the nursing home.

It was nice to have my parents here to visit and take care of baby. We had a nice time of fellowship with some games and good conversation. My Dad always jokes about taking the baby back with him when he goes home, but I remind him that Mr. Josiah is VERY unhappy when he doesn't get his Mommy's milk and that he might not enjoy having a screaming baby on his hands.

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