Thursday, April 06, 2006

Last Night in South Carolina

We managed to get one of the neighbors to take a picture of all of us the last night that we visited with David's family. It took some arranging though as Jon had to get going and Mary wasn't home from work yet and we were hoping the babies would both be awake to be in the picture too. However, as you can see, it all worked out and though Josiah looks asleep in this picture he really wasn't...just looking down. :)

We had a wonderful time visiting with David's family and we're so thankful that God provided the opportunity both financially and time wise to allow us to spend time with them. Grandpa and Grandma were thrilled to see their first grandson and there were some special moments that they got to witness. Josiah loved to crawl over to Grandpa in the morning when he was working on the computer and try to pull up on his chair. He would then of course scoop him up and would talk and play with him. Grandma got some time with Josiah at the park one day as well as she got to see the daily interaction of the little ones as they chased each other around the house. Anna Grace would crawl too to make it an even race!

I am thankful to have such wonderful in-laws. They have been so willing to include me as one of their own daughters/sisters and I appreciate all they have done for us since I have known them. We covet their prayers and support and are happy to know there is a special spot reserved for us in their home.

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