Friday, April 14, 2006

Girl's Nite Out

My friend Joyanne, who is pictured behind me, is soon to be having a baby (end of April) and so Jennifer (far right) and Liz (across from me) decided to take her out for dessert at this fancy restaurant called Luna.

It is located in kind of a weird spot and from the directions I got from mapquest you would have thought it was out in the boondocks somewhere, but eventually I made it into a populated area again and found the restaurant.

We decided to have a baby-free evening, but of course even without our little ones our topic of conversation many times revolved around the various antics of the little tikes. Joyanne already has a 2 year-old (Sean), Jennifer has a 2 year-old (Walker) and a 5 month-old (Ruger) and Liz has a boy that is 1 1/2 years old (Evan). It was fun to get to know these gals a little better and to hear funny baby stories. I was thrilled to get out and spend some time having adult conversations.

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