Friday, April 07, 2006

The Last Leg of the Journey

We were a little concerned that the 5 hour flight back to Seattle would be miserable, since on the flight over we had quite a challenge. However, through the miracle of prayer, we made it through with little incident. Josiah had a little bit of a cold towards the end of the trip, so we brought along some Dimatapp decongestant drops to help dry his nose for the plane ride, which also has the glorious side effect of sleepiness. On the first flight to Atlanta he slept the whole way (just 50 minutes) and then on the flight to Seattle he slept for approximately 2 1/2 hours in the little front carrier that you see pictured here. It was amazing!! And the other great thing was that we ended up with an empty seat near us and so when he was awake he had a place to play. Our flight actually came to Seattle about 20 minutes earlier than scheduled and we got back to Lana's in time to take a nap before meeting my brother (Brent) for dinner.

Lana and Jerry were wonderful hosts for us and we are so thankful for their willingness to open their home both before and after our trip. It is much more fun to stay with friends than to be in a hotel anyway! I made sure this time to get a picture of Lana with the baby! Thanks again Lana & Jerry!!

It was also nice that we got a quick visit in with Brent before we went back to Spokane. He came and met us at a Subway for dinner and then we went back to Lana's to chat. Lana and Jerry are big Karaoke buffs and have their own machine and lots of CD's for them. Little did they know they were in for a treat in having my brother over, as he has a wonderful singing voice. He tried to fool them at first saying, "My throat is hurting a bit..." but they figured out quite quickly that he has a knack for imitation and great charisma when singing. Brent and I did our traditional Karaoke rendition of "Somewhere Out There" and took a shot at "Don't Know Much" as well where Brent did his hilarious Aaron Neville vibrato and I attempted the Linda Ronstadt harmonies. David adds that he sang "so-lo" that noone could hear him. Ba dum ching!!! Good times, good times! Anyway, it was a nice ending to a fun and eventful trip. Love to all, thanks for the fun!

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