Thursday, April 27, 2006

Home Redecorator

Josiah has now taken to pulling all our books off the shelves (both big and small) and then of course doesn't put them back! So Mommy goes through the ritual each day of having to put them back on the shelves only to have them strewn about later on again. It is great fun and good exercise...for both of us!

Another funny thing he did recently was this morning he opened the cupboard with the cereal in it (we keep the cereal in big tupperware like tubs) and he knocked the Cheerios down off the shelf. He somehow managed to get the lid off too when I had my back turned and a bunch of Cheerios got on the ground, to which he promptly scooped some up and ate a handful. Apparently....he wanted some Cheerios and I wasn't getting the message!

He is really starting to communicate more in fun ways to us. David does this thing where he lifts his arm up in the air (hands in fists) and says, "ROAR" to Josiah. Josiah's usual response is to lift both arms up and give a soft little, "BAH" or something like that. Sometimes he will do the loud version to imitate Daddy though. When one of my piano students (an older boy) came over and sat next to Josiah, Josiah did the "ROAR" thing for him without being prompted. It was really cute.

He also knows the sign for "milk" which is to open and close your hand like you are milking a cow. Apparently, I am the cow of this family....ha ha ha! Needless to say though, when we ask him if he wants some milk and show him the sign, he gets the milk cry (the pitiful stuttering, "I am so hungry" cry). And when he is nearly done eating, as if he isn't getting enough milk toward the end, he will open and close his hands hoping (I assume) that it will make the milk come out faster. These are precious moments, things I will cherish always!

And today is Josiah's 10 month Birthday! Happy 10 months my Little Pumpkin!!!

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