Thursday, December 01, 2011


This year, the twins began Awana in the Cubbies program and have really been enjoying it! For Cubbies, there is one very short verse a week that they learn that has a story that we read at home that goes with it along with another Bible story. They get stickers for their verse and every few pages or so another patch for their vest. They really love going to Awana and look forward to it each week, so that is really fun.

Josiah is in his 3rd year of Awana and is a Sparky this year. He won an the "Sparky of the Month" award for the month of October for being the boy who learned the most verses that month. He and I work on his verses each night before bed and over the years has really become a great at memorizing things. We worked on Psalm 23 last year for school and it paid off because this year in his Wingrunner book he was asked to memorize Psalm 23, so he just breezed through that section easily.

This year the twins got to go to Awana on their actual birthday (Dec. 7th) and so I made blue and red cupcakes for them to share with their friends at Awana.

It turns out that for the curriculum they were celebrating Cubby Bear's birthday too and had party hats for all the kids, so it was a perfect fit to have the cupcakes there too! It is hard to believe these guys are 4 now!

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