Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caleb & Daniel's 4-year-old Check-up

It has been a while since the twins have been in for a well child visit because we were late with their 2 year old visit and then rather than a 3 year old visit, we just brought them in when they were four. They both willingly got up to be examined by the nurse and the doctor. While we waited, they explored everywhere looking in every drawer and cupboard of course! Before the doctor came in, Caleb had to go potty, so I directed him to the bathroom kitty corner to our room. I had to kind of monitor both rooms as I had all the kids with me, so that was interesting. I got Caleb in the bathroom and closed the door figuring he knew what to do there and stood in the hallway. The doctor came in our examining room when Caleb was still in the bathroom and I got to talking to him when I heard this loud beeping sound and heard a nurse knocking on the bathroom door saying, "Are you OK?" It turns out Caleb had pulled that string that hangs from the bar for those that are very ill that calls for a nurse in an emergency in the bathroom.

Dr. Moon was checking to see that Caleb's legs were working properly here and of course they were. He was very gentle and kind with the kids and they liked him. Caleb weighed in at 32 pounds (16th percentile) and was 38 inches tall (8th percentile), so he is still a petite little guy, but he is very strong! When he doesn't want to do something, look out! Later when it was time for their shots, Caleb was hiding under the table because he saw the suffering poor Daniel went through and I had to pretty much drag him up to the table then. He got his shots in his legs cause it was easier to hold him down that way. The nurse held his legs and I held his arms and chest. Sadly, he was the one that cried most of the way home saying it hurt really bad. Poor little guy! He got over it though! Walk it off buddy!

Daniel was very intrigued with the doctor and when Dr. Moon sat down at the desk with his laptop, straight away Daniel was breathing down his neck to look at the technology and then asked, "Where is your mouse?" The doctor didn't have a mouse, but a pen he used to touch the screen. Dr. Moon said that the mouse doesn't work very well with this computer. Daniel also was interested in all the instruments and things the doctor was using as well. He weighed in at 38 pounds (69th percentile) and was 42 inches tall (85th percentile) and so is our heftier one of the two still.

When it was time for the shots, the nurse asked who would go first and Daniel volunteered, but I am positive he didn't know what he was volunteering for! When she asked if he wanted "arms or legs" he said "arms" and then next thing he knew he had 2 pokes in either arm. When we went to the 2nd arm he was very squirmy of course and crying, so that was hard. He fussed for a while afterward, but as we were walking out of the office he says to me, "It doesn't hurt now!" He was totally fine after that, but Caleb played it up for all it was worth!

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