Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day--Part 2

Daddy was in charge of handing out the gifts and I did my best to take pictures and enjoy even though I was feel blah!
Josiah is showing me his new Star Wars Leapster game here. He was really excited about this and also his new Cars Lego set that he got to build with Daddy a little later. Thanks Grandma Walker!

Josiah is posing here with his latest Lego creation in the new clothes that Grandma Walker sent. He also got a Toy Story alien camera as well from Grandma & Grandpa Carpenter that he used to take pictures of lots of things. After he built this set, he took a picture with it, but because it didn't have a flash we used the photo from my camera for the blog instead. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Carpenter!

Daniel is smiling really big here to see Woody! Thanks to Grandparents Walker! Naomi heard Woody being played with the day after Christmas and she said, "Yee Haw!" Woody says that when you pull his string.

Daniel's favorite gifts were the Leapster games (from Mommy & Daddy and Grandparents Walker) he got though and while he was playing one of the games, he was holding the other cartridge firmly in his other free hand. He was shaking he was so excited to get them!

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