Saturday, December 10, 2011

Decking the Halls

It is always fun when it is the season to put up our Christmas tree again and the kids always enjoy watching Daddy put the tree together. We bought an artificial tree a few years ago and we are glad to not have loads of pine needles on the floor and worry about watering the tree and/or worrying about children playing with the water. Naomi got to get in on the action this year and she got right down there with the boys to see what was happening.

As Daddy put up the lights, he had the kids watch from the couch and so they cuddled up with the Christmas blankets and enjoyed from there. When it was time to, they got to decorate the tree with all of our ornaments. Caleb and Daniel were very excited to participate and Naomi would not be left out either and so the bottom of the tree was very loaded with ornaments! Josiah got to take the "glass ornaments" and put them up a bit higher on the tree for me.

That night before bed, Daddy read the boys the Christmas story (Naomi was in bed by then) and afterward he was going to help Josiah put the angel on the tree. We read from the new Bible storybook we got from Grandma Carpenter called "The Jesus Storybook Bible." It is a really GREAT book for kids I have found and I really like how each story makes a tie in to how the story relates to Jesus and His ultimate story. The pictures are very beautiful also and very artistic. The actual text is fun to read also (very animated) and isn't so dry and/or hard for them to understand like some of the kid's Bible stories are at times.

Josiah really enjoyed being able to put the angel on the tree. Daddy says if he gets much bigger he won't be able to lift him! He is such a big boy now!!

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