Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas Dessert

This year our church hosted their annual Christmas Dessert function and I was honored to be asked to sing for it! It also happened to be on my birthday, so it was a fun treat to go out and hang with some girlfriends on my birthday! I sang "Welcome to Our World" and "Blessings." I shared a little bit about why the song "Blessings" means so much to me because of what I went through this last fall with the miscarriage. They had lots of other speakers and entertainment also, so it was fun to hear them all and fellowship with the ladies at our table.

I got to sit with my friend Kim, who I invited to the dessert and then discovered that we were assigned to my friend Liz and her family's table as well, so that was fun! Liz used to host a small group at her house that both Kim and I and a few other families attended back when we lived in Liberty Lake.

This is a picture of the decorations that were on our table. Jan (Liz's mom) did the honors. Everyone was really impressed with her center piece, which was two knitting needles and some ornaments that she threaded onto them to make them stand up with the toppers on top to hide the needles. She did a great job with the decorations for sure, it looked very nice! Each table host brought their own style to each table, so it was fun to see all the different tables set up at the dessert.

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