Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day--Part 1

Soon after the kids were in bed on Christmas Eve, David and I set to work and got everything set up for the following day. Thankfully because most of the kids were sick on Christmas Eve, they were very subdued and fell asleep right away and did not come upstairs too early! And yes, you heard that right, the kids were sick. Caleb threw up early on Christmas Eve, Josiah came down with a fever and runny nose and Naomi had the tail end of a cold and was coughing with a runny nose also. Meanwhile, I went to the Christmas Eve service to play my flute and felt well enough to do so (though recovering from a cold myself) only later to discover that I too fell ill with Caleb's version of sickness. Ugh. Merry Christmas to me? Not so much! Anyway, I went to bed early on Christmas Eve, but suffered through that night and then all Christmas day as well. After the kids opened their presents, I fell asleep on the couch and then David told me to just go lay down in bed for a bit and so I did.

So enough of all the bad news about this Christmas and on to the good news! We actually had to wake up the kids on Christmas morning, which I found rather ironic since usually they wake us up! David said though they were stirring really early and he went down to settle them and told them to go back to sleep. This was Josiah's reaction as he came up the stairs in his new Lego Star Wars pajamas from Grandma Walker.

And this is the twins' reaction as they came up in their new Lightning McQueen jammies from Grandma & Grandpa Carpenter. When Caleb saw the castle he said, "Whoah!" and went right over to play!

Naomi was really sleepy when Daddy brought her up. When we asked her if she wanted to get down and look at things she said, "No," but then when he put her down she promptly went over the pink house and flopped on her big pink doggie. This Christmas day was definitely Naomi pink approved!


50 Chubby Toes said...

Looks like you all had a Very Merry Christmas! Thinking of you ~ EMichelle

Jee said...

I finally had a chance to get caught up -- glad to hear everything is going well.