Thursday, December 01, 2011

New Hats & First Snow

Daddy went to Walmart one day and saw these cute hats for the kids and just had to pick them up. Josiah was able to choose which one he wanted first and as you can see he wanted to have the Cookie Monster hat. David then gave the monkey hat to Caleb and the Scooby Doo hat to Daniel.

Though they have never really watched Scooby Doo, this hat fits Daniel as he is always looking for some "Scooby Snacks" AKA any kind of food! We sometimes call him our "bottomless pit" when it comes to eating!

And of course, Naomi got a pink hat because she is pink through and through!

We had our first snow of the year on November 19th. We thought it might prove that this winter was going to be rather rough with the snow coming so early, but it melted rather quickly in the coming days and we were back to just cold weather, but no snow until Christmas Eve again. Uncle Jon was staying with us that day that it snowed and so he enjoyed hanging out with the kiddos in the snow as well. He was getting a big kick out of Naomi here as she was not to happy with this snowy situation!

Daniel and Caleb spent a lot of time eating the snow as you can tell by their snowy faces. There wasn't really enough snow to do much with it, but they had fun trudging through it and playing around for a bit anyway!

And this one's Indian name is "Caleb Snowy Face," or so it would seem! As usual, Caleb threw himself headlong into the snow fun!

Caleb & Josiah are making their mark in the snow as they tried to make snow angels even in the shallow depth of snow that we had.

The final conclusion for Naomi about the snow was "no likey!" I put her down in the snow and almost immediately she was crying. She didn't have true snow boots yet (we have some now), so I had her in these other boots that were more for looks and I think maybe her feet were cold? Either way, she was not happy to be out in the cold even if she was bundled up!

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