Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Pictures

And this was the result of the "picture day" that we had at Sears. Oh boy, they were just "thrilled" to be there as you can see. As I mentioned in a previous post, I guess this is a reflection of life right now. It is difficult to get these kiddos to perform on cue to put it mildly! Naomi was deathly afraid to get in the photos, but took more kindly to it after I found her this princess chair to sit in and a special teddy bear to hold. However, as you can see she wasn't keen on sitting still too much or smiling! The twins were determined to be super grumpy and only Josiah was willing to smile!

Josiah was a champ and gave us a nice gap toothy grin right off for his picture.

Daniel finally consented to give me a squinty, squishy Daniel smile, but I will take it!

After some Mommy tickling under the camera's flashing lens, I managed to get Caleb to smile also!

This is a classic shy Naomi look and it was such a sweet picture that we had to get this one too.

This was our favorite of Naomi though with her sweet little smile!

This turned out pretty funny too with the three boys. I would like to introduce you to Sleepy, Squinty, and Grumpy respectively. Anyway, it was rather funny overall to see these photos afterward. My Mom and I had a good laugh for sure!

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