Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day--Part 3

Caleb was very excited to see Rex given by Grandma & Grandpa Walker. When you squeeze him he "roars" but it sounds more like a squeak and it is louder if you squeeze harder. It sounds pretty funny actually and is characteristic of the Toy Story character in that he is not that scary of a dinosaur really.

Caleb has really been enjoying the castle given by Grandparents Carpenter! He and Daniel both have had fun with the knights and horses that came with it and have had lots of pretend play with them! The horses drop knight bombs down into the castle courtyard and the drawbridge lets people and toys in and out. The castle has also been destroyed a few times and so Mommy has to be the "carpenter" to rebuild. Ahhh...the irony. Anyway, fun times!

Naomi was having great fun going in and out of her playhouse that Grandparents Walker gave and was playing Peek-a-Boo here with me.

She also enjoyed the tea set that we got her as well as her purse that Grandparents Walker gave as well. The teapot makes sounds/music when you have it on various settings and she has had great fun serving us tea and cakes. Her purse also makes sounds/music on various settings and there are many items to "use" in it. There is pretend lipstick, a small hand mirror, a bracelet, a set of keys (plastic of course), & a piece of play money to take in and out of the purse. She just loves it!

Overall the kids had a great day and played with their toys all day without stopping. We had planned to go to church originally since there was a service that day, but because we were all sick to some varying degree, we decided to stay home. However, we did talk about coming up to Christmas and during the day about why we give gifts and why we celebrate. Jesus is the reason for the season and we are thankful that He came to Earth that we may all have eternal life with him should we choose to follow Him. Thank you Jesus for your precious gift to us all!

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