Saturday, August 02, 2008

All My Boys!!

Today I thought it would be fun to take a quick walk after dinner with all the family. We decided to put the boys in the "Baby Bus" in the actual seats so that they could see out (rather than in their carseats as usual). They seemed to enjoy the ride, but were very quiet for the whole journey just taking everything in. Josiah was busy collecting rocks and racing the stroller and such.

Oh and as an additional note, when I told my hubby that the picture I took of them was going to be called "All My Boys," he quickly informed me that he is "not a boy." And indeed I will confirm that it should perhaps be called All My Boys plus a Man, but as you can see that just doesn't have the same ring to it!

Here is a cute picture of our little dudes riding in their baby bus a new way!

Another quick note: We went to the Tacoma Parents of Multiples annual picnic today and of course though I brought the camera, I neglected to take any pictures...whoops. I was asked to take a role in the group as the newsletter editor, since the gal who was doing it is moving to the Bay area. I am excited take on this project and thankfully it won't take too much work because they have decided to do it every other month instead of every month like they used to. I am glad that I can contribute in some way to help other multiples moms even though I can't always attend the meetings.

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Lynne' said...

Sometimes I take the girls on walks just for the quiet. ...And the house stays cleaner if we aren't in it! ha, ha.. ;)

Walks are nice. :)