Friday, August 08, 2008

Lily on the Fly Review

I have been asked to do another product review for the group I am a part of online called "24/7 Moms." If you are a mom and haven’t checked this site out yet, please do so as it has been a fun resource for me for all things “mom-related.”

The product I have been asked to review is called “Lily on the Fly and it is a system of meal planning for the busy family. Essentially, it consists of choosing from a bunch of recipe cards for meal planning that you can keep in your glove box or your purse when you go to the store. You can then choose seven entrees (and/or sides & desserts) for the week from those cards that sound interesting, and then you can flip the cards over to view the ingredients listed in categories for easy shopping.

Here is a sample of one of the cards from the front:

And the same card from the back:

Then after you have chosen the recipes and done the shopping, you put the recipe cards into this magnetized plastic holder that goes onto your fridge for easy meal preparation during the week. A nice feature also is that you can flip this both ways on your fridge to see either the fronts of the cards or the backs of the cards depending on what you want to see.

Each card is color coated for the type of recipe it is as well, as listed below:

Red & Orange = Entrees
Peach = Desserts
Yellow = Breakfast Recipes
Green = Sides
Blue = Salads
Purple = Snacks

Once you are done with a meal, you take it out of the holder and put it back in the pile with the rest of the cards. When your recipe holder is empty, it is time to pick out new cards and head to the store again! There are a variety of recipe cards you can purchase to get new meal ideas as well to add to your stash. Hopes this helps some of you moms out there!

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