Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We went to Walmart the other day to get some school supplies for Josiah's preschool adventure and lo and behold the most popular item was the kid scissors we bought him. I initially set out to get a backpack and couldn't resist getting some new crayons, a big "Cars" coloring book, a new pair of shoes, and of course the very favorite pair of scissors.

He was so excited that the first night, he came home and just cut and cut and cut the paper I gave him and didn't even bother to take off his coat or eat the fruit snacks we also bought. Then the next morning he woke up early and was running around excited because he wanted to "cut."

Now of course we are working with him to keep the scissors on the table as we don't want him to get any ideas about "cutting" Mommy's things in the living room or things anywhere else for that matter.

He will be starting preschool on Tuesday of next week, so please pray that all will go well for him. I know he will adjust fine, but I am hoping also that he will behave himself and not have "issues" at school if you know what I mean.

Thanks in advance for the prayers and I could use them too as raising up this firstborn son has been having its challenges of late that have been getting me down some. I know that the Lord is faithful and that He knows Josiah better than I do and so please pray that I can get with the program and find a way to really get through to him on certain issues that are difficult.


Daniel and Natalie said...

Hey there! I will definitely be praying for your adjustments with Josiah. I hope that he loves school. I know that feeling of getting worn down about something. I know how much you love Josiah and that you are a GREAT mom. You'll work it out and God will give you the grace when you need it. (like, every day)

Lynne' said...

I think scissors are definitely one of those "mothers secrets to successful sanity."

I coined a phrase. ;)

Lily loves scissors too. :)

Anonymous said...

Robin and I feel your pain, as they say, with your desire to get through to Josiah about issues (as "they" also say). In the course of investigating alternative ways of reaching a child with loving discipline, I happened on a book that makes sense in its approach. It's called Transforming the Difficult Child, the Nurtured Heart Approach. I have to admit that in my day the phrase "because I said so" was the foundation of all discipline, and I still don't think a lot of the strategies that undermine parental authority in any way. This book lays out a program so logical it had me saying, "why didn't I think of that?" We'll be praying for the right direction from the One with all the right answers.

Oh, and Heather, about the scissors.....don't turn your back for a minute.