Saturday, August 02, 2008

Josiah & His Daddy

The other day Josiah went in to talk to Daddy in his room and this cute little interchange between them happened as Josish visited with him. To set this up, David has two screens on his desk, one for work and one for personal use. The work computer was locked down and on the desktop is this older picture of the twins.
David let Josiah "work" on the work computer since there wasn't anything he could do to it while it was locked down. Josiah was typing away and at one point proudly reported, "I am working on brothers." David pointed at the screen and said,"Who is that?" and Josiah very quickly interrupted Daddy and said, "Don't touch screen Dada!!" I would like to add that my hubby is very particular about "touching the screen" and reminds Josiah and anyone else who comes near it not to touch it. So I had to chuckle when Josiah pulled that one out on his own Dad!

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