Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The "NEW" Me

Drum roll please.....duh duh duh DA!! My new haircut and color!! As a treat, David suggested I go and get my hair done. The gal cut off LOTS of hair and I had the "balayage" treatment done to my hair, which is where they paint your hair. It gives a more precise color in the places that they want to put it, more like painting a piece of art as opposed to painted a wall I guess. They took a lot of weight out of my hair and so it is really light now and has lots of layers. I really like it! And more importantly David likes it too!
ADDITIONAL NOTE: It has come to my attention (by my hubby) that it appears in this post as if only "now" does David like my hair. He wanted me to clarify that he liked my hair before also and that no matter how I look he loves me and is not super concerned about whatever way I want to wear my hair. And my comment to that is, "I really love my hubby!"

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