Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Naptime Antics

It is always a fun thing to come into the babies' room after hearing them sort of "stirring" and see where they have positioned themselves in their waking up movements. Caleb of course is notorious for finding clever ways of making Mommy laugh and go on a hunt for the camera to document these times. Today he was laying as quiet as can be "hiding" under these blankets on the bed, giving me that look of "you'll never find me under here."

As usual, Daniel boy was pretty much right where I left him! Although, during the night now he does manage to turn over onto his stomach quite a bit and nuzzles up toward the front of the crib more. For nap times, he generally stays put though as pictured here. Another funny note about Daniel, he has this funny habit of slapping his hand down over and over when he is happy (which is pretty much all the time). It is the cutest thing to see him slapping away with a big smile upon his face!

Today was a challenging day in the mid-afternoon because Caleb wouldn't stop crying and Daniel was tired and Caleb kept waking him up. Thankfully Sharel came over to help and gave me some respite, and I was able to lay down for a bit and then get up again to teach one lesson. Of course, after the lesson all the crying and fussing was over and the moment of insanity had passed, but the stress of the afternoon had worn me down quite a bit. And by the way, it turns out that Caleb may have been suffering from teething pain and/or just wanted a bit more than 6 ounces of food as I finally gave him (only 2 hours after his feeding) a bottle with 4 more ounces and he settled right down. The boys have been madly chewing away on their hands, toys and whatever else they can find, so I am sure they are teething, but we haven't seen any official toofers as of yet!

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