Friday, August 08, 2008

Family Outing in the Park

Today we went to this park in Enumclaw called "Mud Mountain Dam" because my MOPS group had planned an event this day to meet for those that wanted to. I did end up seeing one gal that I knew from MOPS, so that was nice that someone came besides me this time (see a previous post on that count). The day was super overcast and in the 60's, and so it wasn't as nice a day as I would have liked, but it was fun to get out with the family anyway. This picture was a difficult one to get because as you may have guessed our oldest was pretty non-plussed to be a part of the photo. We had to coax him to sit by me for this picture and the babies weren't exactly looking up into the camera either, but oh well.

As you can see here, Caleb was having fun grabbing Daddy's nose as he longingly watched his brother Josiah on the swing. We are guessing he was trying to figure out how to get himself onto the swing without us noticing! Thankfully, he isn't quite THAT mobile yet!

I got some nice swinging shots, but this was one of my favorites! Josiah likes to go "Faster, faster" on the swing!!

Here is our "dejected swinger" when Daddy got tired of pushing him.

At one point, we put the babies on a blanket to roll around and enjoy the park as well. Caleb naturally wanted to make his way to the grass as soon as possible and was rolling around right out of the box.

We put Daniel on his belly also, and he was doing pretty well! As usual, he was smiling away most of the day! We think he is teething though now as this evening he was having troubles falling asleep (though tired). We gave him some Tylenol,and soon after he drifted off with no problems, so I am pretty sure that was the problem. Poor little dude!

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