Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July Fun!!

Our 4th of July boys: Daniel on the left and Caleb on the right. For the 4th, we went down to Eatonville (where my parents live) for their annual parade. My Dad's church had a float in the parade to evangelize to the public, and so he and mom were on the float while we sat on the side lines watching. Josiah loved all the vehicles in the parade of course!
Josiah is trying to dodge a picture here. Daddy was attempting to get him to sit on the steps like he was with his legs crossed, but Josiah wouldn't have it. Incidentally, Daddy had a fun conversation with Josiah about fireworks that went like this.
Daddy: Did you hear fireworks last night?
Josiah: Yes.
Daddy: What do fireworks sound like?
Josiah: Like airplanes, and racecars, and fans...
Daddy: Like airplanes huh?
Josiah: yeah! and cranes and exavators (excavators)
Daddy: wow they sound like a lot of things huh?
Josiah: yeah and dogs too!
This is when Great Grandpa first saw Josiah (since he was a baby) and was talking to him. Josiah has his "shy face" on at the moment.
This sums up what the babies thought of the likey! Daniel pretty much lost it at the first loud sound and got progressively more annoyed as more loud noises kept scaring him half to death. Caleb didn't like the noises much either and they both had to go inside my Dad's church (thankfully it was right behind us and was open) to get away from the noise. Great Grandma is here holding Daniel's ears, but as you can see it didn't do much good.
Here is Great Grandpa holding Caleb for the first time. He was thrilled to see the baby boys!
My cousin Jordan lives in Seattle and at the last minute decided to drive down and watch the parade with us and he was just delighted to hold the babies. He even fed Caleb a little later also. We have lots more pictures, but I just put a few here on the blog.

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