Monday, July 21, 2008

Visitors Galore

To use the cliche when it rains it pours would describe last Sunday at our home. We had made plans have Jee and Craig over for lunch(David works with Jee) a while back, but also had a friend from Spokane come to town stop by (she told me she was coming, but I didn't know which day of the week) and then my brother and his friend also came over as well.

As a side note, we went to church on Sunday and Josiah was in the nursery from 10:00am to around 12:30pm and he didn't have an accident!! Yeah for that! We were prepared though, we had 3 changes of clothes and a number of pull ups in his bag just in case. It is that one time that you DON'T have the bag that you have the accident, right moms out there?

We had a nice time chatting with Jee and Craig about all things baby and kid-related. That is a warning to all of you who want to come over, it is very hard to get off topic of the kiddos when they are so demanding of your attention at every moment. Josiah asked Craig no less than 20 times (probably more) "Can you go outside with me?" As usual he latched on the man visitor and wanted him to be his playmate. Last time Craig and Jee visited, Craig graciously went back to Josiah's train table and played with him a good while. And this time, Josiah proceeded to climb into Craig's lap and rough-house with him a bit. Jee was scared half to death with all of Josiah's vigorous boy moves, and our firstborn had to be exited from the room (time outs) for his overly aggressive behaviors. One time he gave Jee a swift kick to her stomach...ouch! It was an accident of course, but we still want him to understand not to get too excited in such close proximity to our guests!

It was nice to see my friend Janeen too and if I hadn't been half-asleep after church, I would have remembered to get out my camera and take a picture of her feeding little Caleb boy. Janeen was the one who threw my baby shower for Josiah's arrival. You can read about that event in the June 2005 archives. We had a nice time chatting though and she and two of her boys came to church with us as well, which was also neat.

My brother and his friend Bona were here briefly as I mentioned above because they were picking up Bona's luggage as he was headed back to Holland that day (he visited for a month here in the U.S.). In case you are wondering why we had his luggage, it was because he and Brent went to Wild Waves (nearby our house) and Bona wanted a safe place for his luggage to be since Brent has a hatchback car and not a full sized trunk. Nonetheless, it was nice to see my brother also!


Jee said...

Craig and I had a great time visiting this past Sunday. The food was delicious and I cannot believe how much the boys have grown!

Let's not wait too long before we see each other again!

Tracie said...

Sounds like you have been busy! We are finally settling in here in Richland. Check out my new blog!