Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fun Summer Pictures

Look at our number one son! I love this picture of him as it accentuates his beautiful blue eyes! We have three fruit trees in the backyard (cherry, apple, & plum) and he enjoys picking up the non-ripe fruit off the ground and playing with it. Now that he is older he doesn't take bites of the fruit he finds on the ground, of which I am thankful! Josiah proudly displaying his cherries!

Josiah and his fruit!

Here is our very freaked out dog, Echo. She is usually in this exact state of panting constantly in this lovely season of fireworks. At night, she is usually awake so much that during the day she is zoned out from her sleepless nights of worrying about firecrackers.

And of course the post wouldn't be complete without some cute twin boy pictures to add to the mix. Caleb is looking up into the sky and Daniel is worried he is going to get bonked in the head by a falling Caleb or something.

This was the closest I could get to them both giving me a big grin. It is so hard to capture a good shot of both of them at once! I still try though!

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