Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Momagenda Desktop Review

At my MOPS group last fall, there was a gal named Tricia Novotny who came to talk to us about organization and ways to “de-clutter” the home, and it was through her that I learned about an online group that she started called 24/7 Moms. www.247moms.com It is a neat resource for us mom-types. I also keep up with her blog at www.247moms.blogspot.com to get cool Mom-related resources and helps.

As part of this group, they have asked me to write a review of a “Mom” product they have found to be helpful and I agreed to do so. So to take a quick departure from the typical Carpenter updates, I am writing a review on this product called the “Momagenda Desktop Calendar.”

Above I included two of the beginning pages of the calendar that show how you might use it. The page you see pictured there is the more extended daily version of the calendar, but there are a few other versions of it for easier viewing (typical monthly, 4-month list version as well). The extended calendar section is big enough for mom’s activities and has room for four kids and their activity schedules as well. If you don’t have 4 kids, you can use any extra spaces for lists, errands, etc. Click on the picture to get a bigger view of the pages and you can read the little suggestions that they gave in the book as an example.

Here are some other neat features of this desktop calendar:

  • Color Coated Pages for different sections
  • Two place-marking ribbons for quick reference
  • Removable (but attached with a ribbon) address book

Different Sections:

  • PINK: resources including favorite web sites, online resources, toll-free numbers, and holiday dates for the year
  • BLUE: all the calendars including monthly, daily and 4 month at-a-glance
  • GREEN: pages for recording good books, movies, music, fashion, restaurants, wines, health, fitness, gift records, entertaining resources, parties, vacation ideas, and vacation planning.
  • PURPLE: blank lined journal pages

Removable Address Book: Along with the normal tiered address/phonenumber section in front it also has pages for family member’s information, important phone numbers (with lots of different categories to fill out for ideas of what to record), web sites and passwords, adult’s medical information, children’s medical information, & birthdays and anniversaries at-a-glance.

The cover I have is pink and is this water-proof like material (good for mom’s with toddlers), but there are lots of other colors and styles as well.

I reviewed the desktop version, but I also noted they have this “Kitchen Folio Planner
http://www.momagenda.com/products.cfm?cID=10&pID=29 that has pages that you can download online and type in your information and print out for your book (I like this since my handwriting is crummy). Some of the downloadable lists include: all the important information pages from the desktop version, plus grocery lists (pre-made lists that you can type in what you need or add additional items) Click this link to view the lists they have available for download. http://www.momagenda.com/blog/downloads.htm

Let me know what you think of this product in the comments section and feel free to visit the 24/7 Moms site and blog as well to learn more about this fun group of moms!

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