Thursday, July 17, 2008

Raisin Runs Amock

ADDITIONAL NOTE: My mom informed me that my brother at the ripe age of three also pulled some mischievous boy antics. He put a button up his nose that "whistled" when he breathed and got everybody laughing at the doctor's office and also managed to chew up and swallow my mother's hard contacts. I vaguely remember this incident as she was yelling, "Cough them Up!!" Hard contacts are much more expensive to replace than soft ones as you may recall. Apparently this sort of behavior runs in the family!

So I found out a little too late that the church down the road had a Vacation Bible School that accepted 3 year olds (most only start at age 4) and so Josiah could have been enjoying some VBS fun all week. We did start him today though and he will go one more day tomorrow, but today he had a rather interesting adventure that I thought I would share.

I got a call from the church about 2 hours after he arrived saying that Josiah had told them that he had a raisin up his nose. They said that they checked and didn't see anything and that he blew his nose and nothing came out and thought he was fine, but wanted me to know. I asked if anyone else had said something like that thinking he was just mimicking them. Another boy had put some raisins on his eyes to be funny and apparently Josiah made the logical conclusion that they should be put up his nose to be funnier yet. We concluded that he was probably just saying that as he didn't seem to be uncomfortable and was breathing fine.

She called me back again and said that his nose was now running and that he was acting a little more perterbed. I prepared to come and get him and started to put the twins in their seats when she called again to say that they had him blow his nose again and a raisin came out.

Ugh...and so the mischievous boy pranks begin. Thankfully this one didn't end in an emergency room visit. Praise God!

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