Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Rose Garden

When we moved into this house, we inherited the beautiful roses that bloom every summer. It is neat that whoever it was that originally planted them chose to plant all different colored roses to enjoy as well. Both David and I (and our landlord commented on this one also) like the light pink & white rose bush on the end closest to our cars (as pictured in a close-up below). These particular roses really have a beautiful bloom.
On the day of Josiah's party, my Mom at some point snuck out in the front and weeded the rose garden for us. To my surprise, I went out the next day and wondered if a garden gnome happened by and weeded our garden in the night or something. It was a nice surprise as it really needed to be done. Thanks Mom! Here are some more close-up shots of the various roses below for you to enjoy.
As pictured in order are the red, orange, white (or are those light pink?) and hot pink roses. I don't know the "actual" names of the roses, so maybe one of you green thumb type people out there can "edumacate" me on the roses actual names. I just think they are pretty and am glad they grow without much help from me because I do not have a green thumb at all. David pruned the roses a while back, so we do take care of them in that way, but notice I said that David pruned them and not me. He is a better with the outdoor stuff then I am.

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