Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tigger Bouncy Fun

My parents came over the other day and were reminiscing about how I used to love my "Johnny Jump-Up" and wanted to see the baby boys have a go at it. We have this lovely Tigger version of the Johnny Jump-Up. It has a tail in the back too! Caleb was a little tired I think when we put him in it, but he was smiling when my mom bounced him up and down in it. He stiffened up his legs and didn't really do much jumping himself, but that may change as he tries it again in future days.

Daniel seemed to enjoy it too, but he was more amused with Josiah jumping up and down! He was laughing so hard every time Josiah started jumping. As a side note: when Josiah was little, his older friend Sean used to jump up and down around him and he too had the biggest laugh about that. Josiah and Daniel seem like two peas in a pod as far as their development and temperament are concerned! We have noted though that Josiah had a bit more of a will than Daniel did. Daniel is very soft-spoken and very rarely gets upset about anything.

I would like to also add this picture of Josiah when he was almost 5 months old in the same Tigger jumper. You can see that he was a bit more of a chunk! And considering in the above pictures that Caleb and Daniel are almost 8 months you can see how much of a chunk Josiah really was!

I included this picture of Daniel because it was just too funny! David put this cloth on his head and he just wore it that way until I came and took it off. As I said, he is very laid back. He looked so cute though and he has a similar expression to that of Josiah in the photo above.


Lynne' said...

The size difference is mainly because of them being premature right? It really does look like Josiah's the same age as them in those pictures... or at least closer in age than the really were.

Heather said...

Well you see, they should look similar because in the above photos the boys are almost 8 months and Josiah at almost 5 months looked like them now. And yes, they are smaller than the norm because of the prematurity. They are supposed to catch up with the full term population when they are two years old.

Daniel and Natalie said...

Sounds like little Daniel's temperament is much like his (okay what would my Daniel be, a second cousin?)