Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Boys

I was attempting to get some pictures with big smiles and wasn't able to keep the camera at a good enough distance away to not chop their heads off. Whoops! This was too cute of a Daniel smile though to delete off the camera, so here you go!
This was as much of a Caleb smile as he was willing to give at this time. He has a lovely smile though and shows it off quite a bit! He was a little tired though when I took these photos.

Last, but certainly not least, is Josiah in the front window. I was out taking pictures of the roses and he said, "Take picture of me too!" and so I did. Another funny Josiahism of note is that the other day I came into his room in the morning and said, "Come over here so I can change your diaper." He said, "Not, yet...I am feeding blankie bear," (as he puts his blankie bear up his shirt to "feed" him). Speaking of diapers, we are getting to a point where we are going to attempt the potty training thing officially soon. Hopefully, we can schedule a weekend to start working with him, as I really can't devote all my time to working with him with the twins to care for also during the day, so I will need David's assistance as we will tag team the potty training weekend with Josiah. Wish us luck! We have been preparing him all along and he is definitely ready, but sometimes he isn't always willing to do new things. This is where your prayers for his willingness will come in handy! Thanks in advance.

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