Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6-Month Well Child Visit

This visit was a bit anticlimatic considering we had such a thorough examination of the boys last Tuesday. However, we needed to go in to check their iron levels and get their immunizations, so it was necessary to keep this appointment also. (Incidentally, their iron levels are both normal now and they don't need the extra supplement.) The doctor was very pleased again with their progress! Caleb boy weighed in at 15 pounds 4 ounces (same as last Tuesday) and was 26 inches long. I don't think he grew a half and inch in a week, but perhaps one or both of the length measurements were a little off.

You can kind of see here in this picture that Caleb's cheeks are a little flushed. We discovered before giving him his vaccinations that he had a fever of 100. This was odd because although it did show on his blood count that his white blood cells were up (due to his current cold) they weren't as high as Daniel's and Daniel didn't have a fever at all. Needless to say, the doctor advised to wait to give Caleb his shots this time, so he got the sweet end of the deal in that he didn't get his shots. Last time, it was Daniel who got to opt out of the shots, so I figure he had to pull the same stunt...right? And honestly, I wouldn't put it past this little guy! He knows what he wants and gets it in any means possible even as a baby. Watch out world when he grows up!

Here pictured is sweet little Daniel. Right before his shots he was looking up at me smiling. His sweet smile soon turned to a frown though when he got his shots. Poor little pumpkinhead. He bounced right back, however, a little while afterward. I gave him some Tylenol throughout the day to help him with the residual pain that he had from the shots. Daniel boy weighed in at 15 pounds 9 ounces (loss of 5 ounces since last Tuesday). I am sure his loss of weight was due to the fact that this past week he has been eating less becaue of his cold. He of the two babes has been the most congested, and that makes it hard to eat. He was also measuring at 26 inches long. At this doctor's office, they make a mark on the paper underneath them at the top of their head first, and then stretch one leg out and make another mark at the heel. Then they take the measuring tape and check that way. At the neonatal follow-up clinic, they lay them on this ruler like thing (with a plastic headboard) and just stretch the leg out that way. Not sure which is more accurate. I suppose it would depend which nurse stretched out their leg the longest? After he was examined (and before the shots) Daniel was talking away in his car seat. He was kicking his feet and loving life while his brother was being examined. In the midst of the appointment, I was also able to get in a feeding for the boys. One of the nurses helped me feed Caleb and I fed Daniel. David was unable to come this time to the appointment, since he had just taken a day off from work last week for the other appointment. It worked out though as my Mom was able to watch Josiah while I took the boys in the baby bus into the doctor's office. Afterward, we all went out to lunch. Thanks Mom!

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