Friday, June 27, 2008

Josiah's 3rd Birthday - Part 1

All this past week, I have been quizzing Josiah about the events of his birthday in order to make sure he was "prepared" for all that would transpire. It is very important we do this as Josiah usually has a better attitude and demeanor if he knows what is going to happen. So the mantra of the week has been:

Mommy: What will we do first on your birthday?Josiah: Go to Jungle Restaurant (AKA The Rainforest Cafe)
Mommy: What will we do after that?

Josiah: Take a nap.
Mommy: And THEN what will happen?
Josiah: Eat cake & ice cream, play with friends! (or MY PARTY!)

When we got to the jungle restaurant the first robotic animal he saw was this crocodile. He immediately got rather shy and scared upon seeing it and walked around the gift shop in a bit of a daze, hiding behind Daddy and Mommy. I tried to show him "Tracy the Talking Tree" and he about flipped out with fear! Daddy had to hold him at that point. Once we got seated by the fish tank, we were able to acclimate him a little better to his environment and then he started to be less scared.

I was trying to get him to make fishy faces here, but instead we ended up with sticking our tongues out at each other.

We did our traditional walk-a-bouts at the restaurant with Josiah, but with much trepidation at this place. When we got to this waterfall with the big statue in the middle, he hid behind me and started to shake. Then I picked him up and walked him through the animatronic gorillas who blinked their eyes at us. Keep in mind this is all in the midst of very loud jungle sounds and occasional "thunder storms" with lightning flashes and all. It is a pretty noisy place overall.

There was this funny little fish that camped out by Josiah's plate of food and stared at it from time to time during our lunch. We pretended that the fish really wanted his food and told Josiah to say, (like Swiper the fox on Dora the Explorer) "Fishy NO SWIPING!" to make sure that the fish wouldn't eat his food.

I think if we go there again he will be more animated and interested in everything, but true to Josiah form he needs to be prepared well and take everything in first before he decides to get used to things and have fun. It was fun to be out with just him too (we had Sharel watch the babies). We could tell he was really enjoying all the attention for sure!

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Mara said...

True to form--I actually know what kind of fish that is in the pictures: a grouper. We used to have one in our big saltwater tank.