Monday, June 23, 2008

Can-Do Caleb

Here is a nice picture of how our sweet Caleb boy likes to sleep now. And yes folks, I caved and he is sleeping in his car seat again. It is the most annoying thing that when I put him down for the night flat in the crib that he wakes up pretty much every hour crying because he has managed to move to a position he is apparently uncomfortable with. At some point, I will have to try again to make him sleep flat, but I am not ready to fight the battle with him yet as he wakes Daniel up in the whole process too and then I have two awake babies to deal with at night. Anyhow, he likes to turn to his side (as pictured here) and sleep in the car seat. Sometimes he turns too far and ends up on his stomach in the car seat and that is just NOT popular at all.

I call him my can-do Caleb because most anything he sets his mind to do (in his limited abilities as a 6-month old) he does. He is rolling over to his stomach and sometimes back to his back again (if he gets his arm positioned just right that is). When he wants our attention he will continually roll to his stomach over and over and get "stuck" and holler so that we will come and get him. He continues to do this until we pick him up usually and/or give him what he wants (food, diaper, etc.). He is a very determined young man! It will be interesting to see how this plays out as he gets older. We predict he will be our little risk taker in the future, but we shall see I guess!

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Jee said...

I love watching the boys grow up on the website. We still need to get together for a BBQ -- maybe Josiah can show Craig the story of David and Goliath again!