Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Rocking Tradition

My pattern in the mornings when the babies are up is to change Daniel first and then put him in the rocking chair (next to the changing table) while I then change Caleb. When Josiah is up for this ritual, he likes to get up in the chair with Daniel and rock back and forth. Most of the time Daniel likes it and smiles, but of course when I get the camera out he gets his "flash face" as you see pictured here. Without seeing what I mean, this is when he opens his eyes really wide and gives a very concerned look overall. He does this without fail every time the red light flickers before the camera flashes. The only way I can coax a smile out of him on camera is to have him smile looking at someone in a different direction away from the camera.
Another positive note: Josiah has gotten SO much better with with babies. He is being much more gentle with them and only once in a while does he revert to hitting them or being too aggressive. Usually he does that when he is frustrated or is trying to get my attention. I am thankful that his behavior around them has improved though as it is much less stressful for me with all three of them now. And it is just in time for them to start rolling and crawling on the floor! Caleb is so close to rolling over! He is rolling to his side now and can't quite make it to his tummy. When I put him on his tummy he can't push himself back yet either, but he will get there I am sure. He is very determined about everything!

I am working on getting them used to sleeping flat in their cribs now (rather than in car seats) and it has been interesting. Now that they both have my cold and are coughing (please pray for them by the way) it probably isn't the best time to have them flat, but once they are well again I am going to work actively to get them used to lying flat. Caleb did a little stunt the other day where in his car seat (which was in the crib) he rocked it so that it tipped over and was sideways leaning on Daniel's car seat. Caleb was conspicuously laying on the side that fell and seemed as happy as a clam. I thought about capturing it on film, but decided that rescuing him at that point was the best option! As I was writing this I caught a Caleb boy asleep flat in the crib! Score one for Mama!! I put him in there to play and he fell asleep! Daniel is in his carseat on the other side of Caleb asleep now also. Daniel of the two has the worst cough and a super runny nose and it is clear when I lay him flat it gets worse, so he will stay in his seat for a while yet.

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Anonymous said...

Love those boys!
Very very cute.