Saturday, June 14, 2008

Breaking Out the Rice Cereal!

Today we gave the boys their first rice cereal feeding! I got the high chairs out of storage and cleaned them up and then David and I gave them some at their evening feeding. Daniel literally "ate it up" and Caleb was a bit more particular. He worked harder to get it out of his mouth than to get it in. However, David managed to get him to swallow some of it anyway! As you can see, Caleb was warily eyeing Daniel as he got his first bite.

Daniel did well and ate a good portion for his first time and afterward still had a full feeding from Momma also. Caleb didn't drink much following, but perhaps he wasn't as hungry this time. It was sure fun to see their reactions though.

I forgot to get a picture of Daniel's after feeding face, but will do that the next time we feed them, but Caleb's after feeding face was precious as you can see!

Here is another cute photo of the boys from a couple of days ago. I thought they were just adorable in their little hats. Caleb was super tired in this picture, hence why he is slumped on his brother's shoulder.


Lynne' said...

They keep looking more and more different from each other! I think I can finally tell for sure who is who in practically every picture. ;)

Jee said...

The pictures are so cute. I am always hoping that new posts are out there so I can see how the boys, you, and Tigger are doing.

Thanks for the cute shots!