Sunday, June 08, 2008

Student Recital 2008

Today, I hosted a recital for my flute and piano students. It was a memorable occasion to be sure for a variety of reasons. The first and most obvious was that the gate to the church parking lot was locked (as well as the building of course) at the time I arrived and there was noone in sight to open it for us. Through a series of phone calls, I managed to finally track someone down to help us. The pastor of the church sent someone who was 15 minutes away, but it so happened that another person who went to the church was coming to do some work on the plants outside and was able to let us in a little earlier. Lately, I have been praying that I would handle "unexpected situations" a lot better and low and behold I had quite a few this weekend! This was the king of unexpected situations though as we had all the people coming to the recital lined up and down the street (with no real places to pull over). It was quite a sight and there were at least 3 cars that stopped to ask what we were all waiting for. Each time I was hoping it was someone coming to unlock the gate and it wasn't, oh well! Patience, grace, poise...any other words needed here? Incidentally, the pastor apologized and said that we were on the calendar and that they just dropped the ball as to who was going to help us that day. He assured me that it wouldn't happen again and that he would love to have us back.

It was also memorable as my students performed so well! I was pleased at their ability to play through their pieces no matter what happened and at the progress that they had made throughout the year. Only one of my students is not pictured here as she left before I had the thought to round everyone up for the photo. There were 16 in all performing: 3 flute and 13 piano students.

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You are amazing.