Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wide-Eyed Daniel Play

Today, I put Daniel in the exersaucer for about 5 minutes or so and he was just SO intent on playing with this toy you see pictured here. He was vigorously moving it back and forth with his hands and David grabbed the camera so that we could get a picture of his wide-eyed play. His very long (Daddy-inherited) eyelashes are prominately displayed here as well! Isn't it just unfair that boys get such long, naturally curving upward eyelashes? David said that people would comment on his when he was growing up too and at one point he attempted to cut them so people would stop commenting on them.

Here is another very cute Daniel shot with Josiah's little friend named Hannah. She was visiting last week when her big sister Sharel was here to watch the boys during my piano lessons. Daniel rarely smiles on camera, so this is a treat!

And for those of you who are saying, "Where are the pictures of Caleb this time?" My response is, "I will post some soon, but today I am making a Daniel post 'cause those are the pictures I have on the camera." Have a happy Sunday!

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