Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Fun

Yesterday, we went on a short outing to the park over by my friend Melissa's house. Josiah calls this "Missa's park."
He was having a blast running around the park, going down all the slides and running away from Mommy as she tried to take pictures of him in the various places.

Since the slides are good at "slowing kids down" towards the end, I was able to get a nice shot that wasn't blurry here of him coming down.

This is another good one of him getting ready to slide.

Here are the twins in what some gals at the gym call "The Baby Bus." From time to time as a joke I will say, "Baby bus, coming through!"

Caleb fell asleep soon after we arrived at the park, but Daniel was wide awake and ready to play, so Daddy took him out and was doing some Daddy-play with him.

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